The Halles of Paris

The birthplace of our history

Founded in the end of the 19th century,

our firm was originally an organisation of councillors-at-law
whose practice and expertise developed with the opening
of the legal profession to former councillors.


Historically located in the very heart of the food market district of PARIS,

close to a clientele of food product wholesalers, our firm,
thanks to the expertise and energy of its then manager, Mr Pierre BESSE,
assisted and advised professionals in the sector concerning their transfers
until the beginning of the 1970s, when the government organised their transfer
to the Market of National Importance at PARIS RUNGIS.


Committed to its historical clients

whom it ardently defended during negotiations surrounding this gigantic transfer
and the numerous legal problems that arose for those concerned,
the Société d’Etudes Fiscales et Juridiques wished to continue to support them,
choosing to establish a secondary firm on the very site of their new place of operation,
in the heart of the Market of National Importance at PARIS RUNGIS.


Since the merger of the professions of councillors-at-law and lawyers,

our firm has been making its legal and judicial expertise available to its clients
in the field of consulting and litigation.

Who are we?

For more than a century

our firm has placed listening to the client and the complete understanding of their problems
and objectives at the forefront of this duty, at the service of which the expertise
of each of our lawyers is devoted.


The availability of an entire team

mobilised in the exclusive interests of its clients
allows us to offer high-quality responsiveness
to which we are particularly committed.


Ten lawyers

within a team of 24 persons, intervene in the fields of both consulting and litigation,
guaranteeing an overall understanding of our legal system,
which alone gives the promise of a genuinely appropriate response.


Membre of A.C.E.

Because openness to the world that surrounds us is one of the conditions for the success of our duties,
our firm is an active member of the number one French law association,
theAssociation des Avocats Conseils d’Entreprise (A.C.E.).


The search for real efficiency

at the service of the interests for which our clients entrust us with the defence
means that we never neglect the essential contribution of other professionals,
particularly in law or figures, with whom we work in close cooperation when necessary,
particularly in complex cases or those concerning matters relating to a legal monopoly.
Convincing is one thing, hearing reason is another, but when we convince that we are right, we fulfil our duty.


In the vanguard of practice

in the French legal and judicial system,
we share the work of its development and modernisation.
For this, we actively participate in the numerous discussions and work carried out within our profession and beyond,
so that the quality of our law improves.


The training courses

that we attend, like those that we give,
constantly update our expertise in the matters that we deal with,
which are constantly evolving.


The requirement for competence and responsiveness,

supported by a modern and dynamic understanding of the law,
ensures high-quality support for our clients and guidance
to match the issues with which they are confronted.

Convincing is one thing,
hearing reason is another,
but when we convince that we are right,
we fulfil our duty.