Maitre Douglas Brueder


Sworn in: 22 jun 2016

Fields of intervention
  • Company Law:
    • Creations and legal follow-up of companies
    • Transmission of companies
    • Assets and liabilities guarantees
    • Shareholders’ agreement
    • Capital investment
    • Increases and capital reductions
    • mergers
    • Partial contributions of assets
    • Universal transfer of wealth
  • Taxation:
    • Optimization of creations and transmissions of companies
    • Advice to business leaders
  • Tax system:
    • Sale and acquisition of business, leasehold
    • Commercial leases
    • Commercial contracts
  • Master 2 Business Law (Accounting and Financial Law). Lille
  • CAME (Certificate of Aptitude in Business Management) Partnership with Edhec. Lille
  • High School of Counsel Counseling (HEDAC). Versailles
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